Ready for Anything

The KUTA Story

The Vision: Make a roto-molded cooler that has more features than THEM at a better price. 

Living in Southern California, outdoors is part of daily life.  This was true for Will, a lifelong surfer and outdoorsman.  With this in mind, he set out to develop a better cooler at an affordable price.   Will had a strong business background.  The KUTA Original series was born. 

It took almost 18 months, but the first shipment of newly designed roto-molded coolers in 2018.   The coolers were packed with features and reasonably priced.

But, the brand didn’t stop there!  As Will met with other adventurists, he discovered new products that could be brought to market. 

The next in the KUTA line was an insulated soft sided bag that was leak proof.  

The path was clear.  Bring gear to adventurists at an affordable price so they are ready for anything. That has been the goal since the beginning. At KUTA, the mission is for the everyday adventurist to get outside and have all the gear, without breaking the bank.  

KUTA, ready for anything.